Mining Applications

Two-way telemetry link from each vehicle gives load, speed, destination, etc. thru the TEA aerostat

CONCEPT: Judicious placement of an aerostat—a helium-filled, stable balloon—near the edge of a deep pit mine can significantly enhance the effectiveness of communications, data transmission, and situational awareness.  Aerostats are available from SkySentry, which are completely self-contained with power, ground control stations, surveillance and communications to the outside world.  Alternatively, they easily integrate with utilities already in place.  The aerostat can be placed quite far back from the edge of the pit and still “see” to the bottom of the pit.

FUNCTIONS:  SkySentry’s TEA-34 Aerostat and larger models are fully integrated with surveillance cameras and networked communications.  Of course, it can easily be integrated with a customer payload, if preferred.  SkySentry’s payload:

  • Provides telemetry links from trucks, tractors, and other vehicles to relay origin, destination, load, speed, precise location
  • Communications options provide:
    • In-network and external phone connectivity
    • Texting
    • Streaming video
    • Personal geo-location
    • Internet reachback
    • High-level encrypted security, if desired