Greatly enhancing the effectiveness of operators in remote locations – the Tacti-Sphere™

“Covering your Six from Above” in austere environments! 

Optimized remote area safety, security, and operations support for:

    • • Border Security
    • • Disaster recovery operations
    • • First Responders
    • • Forest Firefighters
    • • Search and Rescue
    • • Oil & gas operations and spill cleanup


  • Wide area communications & surveillance enabled by small aerostat

  • • Launched on station in less than one hour with two people; one-person for flight
    • Days of time on station without maintenance – least expensive cost/hour of coverage
    • Numerous communication & surveillance options
    • Designed for rugged terrain; shipping & storage in standard ISO container
    • Totally turnkey self-contained, with helium, power, repairs, with backup power and data recording