TEA Mooring Platform (TMP)

TEA in flight from Mooring Platform, TEA Mooring Platform ready for flight, TEA Mooring Platform ready for shipping

SkySentry builds TEA Mooring Platforms (TMPs) to enable turn-key deployment of variously sized aerostats at a moment’s notice. Helium supply, power, winches, fuel, and tools are included. The TMP securely hosts aerostats from 16 to 75 cubic meters in volume and allows operations from the ground, a truck, boat, or ship. Using the TMP, the aerostat can be towed, either while moored or flying. The Platform is designed to fold up to fit into a standard ISO-20 shipping container for storage or shipping.


This tactical aerostat system is designed for very rapid response in the most austere environments. TEA flight altitudes enabled by the Mooring Platform are usually about 165 to 330 meters above ground, although higher is feasible.

• The TMP is sized in length, width, and height for two units to fit into a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container. This protects all components from sea spray, dust, other hazards and theft during shipment.

•  Deck-over trailer options include single- and dual-axles to meet off-road or long-haul modes of operation

•  The two decks contain all components required for austere site operations, to include more than one month’s helium supply on the bottom, and all electrical and mechanical components on the upper deck.

•  The TMP is easily placed on flatbed trailers, trucks, boats, or a ground site. It’s stressed for lift by forklift or helicopter and anchors TEAs in place without tie-downs.

•  The cradling bolsters securely protect the TEA against damage when stowed or being towed at speeds up to 40 mph.

•  Winch options include small DC electric for synthetic tethers, up to large spool hydraulic for copper-fiber optic tethers.

•  The relatively low cradling height allows easy access to the TEA for repairs

•  Secure toolboxes are included for helium components, tools, electrical components, cutdown, batteries, chargers, extra ropes, and precision measuring instruments.