Tactical Military Operations

Two-way link from aerostat connects all Tactical Operators with phone voice, texting, internet reachback, streaming video, geo-location, emergency alarm

CONCEPT: Judicious placement of an aerostat in support of a tactical military operation can significantly enhance the effectiveness of communications, data transmission, situational awareness, and mission command.  Aerostats are available from SkySentry, which can deploy with the military unit and be up and be running within a half hour of arrival at the Area of Operations.  SkySentry’s Tactically Expedient Aerostat(s) (TEAs) are inexpensive to operate and completely self-contained with power, ground control stations, surveillance and communications to the outside world. The typical communications and surveillance payload already integrated on the TEAs can provide surveillance and networks over areas in excess of 300 square miles—day and night.

FUNCTIONS:  SkySentry’s TEA-34 Aerostat and larger models are fully integrated with surveillance cameras and networked communications.  Of course, the TEAs can easily be integrated with payload designated by the customer.  SkySentry provides professional structured training to ensure proper operation.  SkySentry’s payloads:

  • Provide day-night surveillance over expansive areas to distances over 12 miles
  • Establish line-of-sight connectivity to ranges in excess of ten miles, for dozens of Operators, in varied terrain and urban conditions
  • Provide telemetry links from vehicles and people—and even UAVs–to relay current situation status & photos, a precise location of personnel, and mission command data from Ops Centers
  • Communications options provide:
    • In-network and external phone connectivity. Push-to-talk (PTT) option
    • Texting between participants and to outside recipients
    • Streaming video from the aerostat and Operators in the AOR
    • Personal geo-location and emergency alarm options
    • High bandwidth Internet reachback
    • High-level encrypted security, if desired