Heavy Expeditionary Aerostat (HEA)

Those familiar with aerostats will know, of course, that “Heavy” is relative. SkySentry’s HEA systems are capable of lifting relatively heavy payloads, while still maintaining the Company’s design objectives of quick response and minimal manpower costs. One could also add desirable characteristics of routine highway transportability and airlift compliance.

The HEA systems are shaped like traditional aerostats and airships, but through the use of sophisticated design and manufacturing methods, these aerostats have dramatically reduced drag, increased stability, reduced permeability (leakage), and provide a very favorable lift-to-weight ratio. SkySentry specified, acquired and operated these systems for years for the US Army in widely varied environments, from barges, rugged deserts, and severe winter conditions. All these characteristics mean you get more lift and persistence for your money!

While many of the systems we provide to customers are custom built, we generally maintain “on-the-shelf” designs for six standard sizes. At the small end of the scale, the HEA-150 can lift 25 kilograms of weight to 1,000 feet above Mean Sea Level (MSL). At the large end, the HEA-3000 can lift 450 kilograms to 7,000 feet MSL. Unless requested otherwise, all systems are provided “turnkey,” with the mooring station, power supply, tether, payload bay, tools, spare parts and one year limited warranty.